Typing words through

A T-9 interface with the option of a QWERTY pad

To tell my friend that I care

To warn her, and for that

I am called and asshole; sexist

For the third time.

She won’t apologize, I won’t put up with it, and she doesn’t understand why we aren’t talking anymore. And now it’s TWO friends down in less than six months and that’s gotta be a fuckin record.

Facebook, Myspace, Texting, Twitter.

People are more connected now than they have ever been

And yet our connection,

Is lost.

Broken phrased and acronymed to death

Our words are empty and hollow.

While we hunger so much for the intimacy promised to us on every Hallmark card that somehow people have come to believe that they DO have 896 friends.

But how many of those motherfuckers gonna help you move?

How many will again…

While these lies of “friendship” have people speaking things they do not mean and the knee jerk reactions have become something that is accepted by all those who are “Connected”

Or not.

I kill my Facebook account on average five times per year.

And the only reason I have kept it at all is because…

I am lonely.

Seeking understanding in a world that does not value the things I value most,





That connect a lonely soldier from the empty desert to his family by way of a letter and a stamp.

Words that are chosen carefully because the message being sent is on a five-day delay and HE KNOWS that when that letter is read he may not even be alive.

Except in words.

The soldier knows the pen IS mightier than the sword, but it can’t do shit against the send button that you murder your friend with from your living room.

So please, be careful with your words.

And remember the beauty of our eyes when you speak.

Because if you can’t stand to see what your words are doing, then maybe you should stop scribbling alone in the dark.

© Michael Barry 2013