You, you, you

are gone. Two kids and

family behind, I read your words

where have you been?

Broken girl, did

Daddy help? He did me

broke me, took me

shot me, threw me

down, down, down.

We must go to town,

to see you, hear the sound

the blue wave, hiss, hiss

it says. The oven, hiss

hiss hisses loud.

Your words make me

what I am. What am I?

What were you? How did

you get to leave? Easy way

out. Fuckin cheater.

I don’t get it, your

choice, life, death,

I only understand your

words, broken, empty,

pain. I feel it too.

A talent. Who

fucking cares? Hissing

at the back door. Snakes

in the woodpile. Where is

Daddy now?

Can you tell? Can you tell, in

heaven, or in hell? Or

was that just here? Where

the pain is. Where

I am still.

Sylvia, you are my

Teacher, Mother, Sister,

Curse. And what we come to?

decisions, decisions, decisions

snakes at the door, hiss, hiss.

I did it, why couldn’t

you? I’m doing it, why

can’t you? You did it, why

can’t I? Snakes at the back

door. Hiss, hiss, hiss.

© Michael Barry 2013