Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virginia, 

She is beautiful.

With the grass slightly overgrown.

Sublime shades of gold above the roots,

With seeds close to be sewn.

So easy to be near her,

Feels so much like home.


Sweet Virginia, 

She is lovely.

With her bays off in the blue,

Clear, clean, unmatched, and unspoiled,

With the sun shining down straight through.

A shade like this should not see rain,

Though I know it to be true.


Sweet Virginia, 

She is handsome.

With firm land down to the core.

For a while, there was no place I could stand,

Except upon her shore.

Though the wind was strong, and the sea at hand,

Without asking, she gave me more.


Sweet Virginia, 

She is pretty.

Though it matters little to me.

For what's outside matters not,

If the inside you cannot see.

And somewhere in those borders,

I found myself set free.

Sweet Virginia, 

She is comely.

Her manners make her so.

Those who live within her borders,

Must keep etiquette in tow.

A dignity unparalleled,

That some may never know.


Sweet Virginia, 

She is fair.

She is because of grace.

The exception always proves the rule,

So pain proves a perfect place.

No cleanliness without being soiled,

No pride without disgrace.


Sweet Virginia, 

She is gone.

And I miss her so much today.

I let her go without saying one word,

And I have so much to say.

My friend I pray God bids you well,

And heal your wounds someday.

Forgive my loss of words,

My love, 

For you I'll pray. 

© Michael Barry 2013