Hey God

Came to your house

today, snubbed by the man at the door. Scars

on my arms, scars you gave

me, scars

I can’t help but wear.

Sat down like the rest and

listened. Same old shit. Ninevah

and a fucking whale. Ninevah

covered in puke on the shore. Ninevah.

And The Asshole that sent

me? Nowhere to be found.

Shake the hand of the woman

behind, loves me, doesn’t know me, doesn’t

want to. I come here

for peace, so tired of hiding behind

words, from in-between syllables

I peek out to the world that

hates my eyes. I can’t hide

them anymore they sneak

out from behind consonants, screaming

to be seen, needing the sun.

I hate them

I hate You

I hate me

standing here in Ninevah. I long

for the desert. So much easier to be

alone under the shade

of that tree. In a place where

I’m not allowed to be

who I Am

for the fear of it,





© Michael Barry 2013